Russell Foster – Why do we sleep

Oliver Sacks – What hallucination reveals about our minds

Anil Seth – Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality

Predictive processing as a theory to understand pain – Mick Thacker

Prof Ian Harris – Surgery: The Ultimate Placebo

Silje Endersen Reme – Pain, Is it all in your mind?

Best Advice for: People Taking Opioid Medication

Silje Endresen Reme – Skinny, rich… but on sickleave?

Dr Tasha Stanton – Successful Ageing Seminar Presentations 2013

Dr Tasha Stanton – new insights from pain neuroscience

VS Ramachandran: 3 clues to understanding your brain

Dr. Greg Lehman: PT, DC presenting at APTEI Symposium

Adriaan Louw: BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar

The Drug Cabinet in the Brain

David Butler Treating Pain Using the Brain

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